Scarf Donations to Keep Homeless Warm and Warm Hearts

Dallas’ unseasonably warm winter is changing, a donation project to help keep the homeless warm popped up just in time.

Over the last week 150 scarves were tied to trees and lamp posts in Deep Ellum.

“We just wanted to give the homeless people something to warm them up,” said 11 year old Sarah Conner with the Junior Order of Eagles, the organization that collected and put out the scarves for a holiday charity project.

“We chose (the neighborhood) because homelessness is so vast,” said Courtney Phelan, who helps supervise the program. “That’s one thing we’re trying to teach the kids. Give back to help others. It’s a good thing.”

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In Deep Ellum, Niko Thomas, who said he is homeless, untied a red scarf from a pole.

“Whoever put them up, I appreciate you,” said Thomas. “It shows they see me.”

Last year the Junior Order of Eagles collected jeans for the homeless. They said if the demand for scarves was great this year, they might do the same project next year.