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San Antonio Cop Fatally Shoots Gunman

Gunfire exchanged over gunman's ex-girlfriend



    San Antonio Cop Fatally Shoots Gunman
    Getty Images / Scott Olson

    A San Antonio police officer has shot and killed an armed man after an exchange of gunfire over the suspect's ex-girlfriend.

    Police say the suspect early Friday wounded the woman, who's a former roommate of the officer, but she's expected to survive. The officer wasn't hurt.

    Names of the two men and the woman weren't immediately released.

    Chief William McManus says the woman called the officer saying she feared her ex-boyfriend was going to harm her. The officer picked up the woman at a nightclub and took her home.

    Police say the suspect was at the woman's apartment complex and began shooting. A chase led to more gunfire, the woman wounded and the officer fatally shooting the suspect at the gunman's residence.

    The officer has been put on administrative leave.