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Robber Tells Dallas Mom He's Stealing 'For His Family'

Robber forced mom to floor as he stole her jewelry and electronics



    A Dallas mother has a serious warning for families after finding herself face-to-face with an armed robber inside her home.

    Monica Horton, 34, said she was home alone Monday morning when she heard her backdoor sliding open. She thought it was her husband coming home from the gym.

    "I go, 'Hi honey!' And when I turned around I saw the gun," Horton said.

    "He put a gun on my head," Horton continued, "then put the gun on the back of my head and told me to get on the floor and tell him where everything is in the house."

    Robber Tells Dallas Mom He's Stealing 'For His Family'

    [DFW] Robber Tells Dallas Mom He's Stealing 'For His Family'
    Victim in Dallas home invasion robbery says the man told her he was robbing "for his family."
    (Published Monday, Dec. 19, 2011)

    Horton said her six month old daughter was asleep in the next room. She begged the man not to hurt her her child.

    "The first thing he said is, 'I’m doing this for my family. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to hurt her.'"

    Monica said the robber demanded her jewelry. She took him to her closet where she kept her jewelery in trays.

    "I had all my necklaces, all my earrings that was in here, so I pretty much dumped them in his bag from here," Horton said.

    On the way out of the bedroom, Monica tried to unlock the front door and escape.

    "He said 'Stop!' So he pushed it back, closed it and locked it and said go back in there," she explained.

    Horton said the robber forced her to crawl under her bed. He stole several electronics including a laptop and PlayStation 2. After several mintues the man announced he was leaving.

    Horton rushed to her baby. "I just squeeze her and said, 'Thank God he didn’t touch you! The monster, he didn’t touch you!'"

    Horton said she wants what happened to her to be a warning for families -- to not only lock their doors, but to stay safe and vigilant this holiday season.

    "[I feel] violated. My house has been violated. Every time I walk into my bathroom I feel like I have to look over my shoulder and see some stranger with a gun pointed at my head."