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Road Construction Leads to Increase in Windshield Repairs



    With more construction on Texas highways, drivers say they’re encountering more debris on the roadways. (Published Wednesday, July 2, 2014)

    At Deep Ellum Auto Glass in Dallas, owner Robert Merrill, said he’s used to the busy summer months.

    But now-a-days, he’s dealing with up to 40 cars per week, a massive increase, where drivers are needing their windshields repaired or replaced and the reasons they tell him, are rocks and road construction.

    “We’ve already probably head six cars in here already today that have had chipped or cracked windshields,” Merrill said.

    Whether it’s I-635 in North Dallas or Highway 183 in Bedford, it seems most highways are dealing with some sort of construction.

    “They always try to clean it up. Like on the way to work, I always see a construction site and they’re always sweeping it, but it always leaves some debris on the road,” Merrill explained.

    “Like this car here, it has a crack a foot or two long and it can’t be repaired. It’s every day,” he said.

    Merrill said there’s not much drivers can do to avoid the debris, unless they want to find routes around construction sites.

    But he said if a driver does notice a chip, they need to get it fixed immediately.

    With the summer heat, a chip will quickly spread to a crack, which can be an extreme safety hazard.

    Drivers like Michelle Hyre, who is having to get her windshield replaced, said it’s not fun, but she understands the growing pains.

    “There’s a ton of construction out here. I’ve already had to replace two tires because I’ve gotten some nails because of construction. So yeah, it’s a pain and it’s really inconvenient. But Texas is growing. It’s gotta happen,” she said.