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Police Looking for Attacker

People in Richardson concerned about clean-cut attacker



    Police say a man in his 20s or 30s lured a woman out of her car and tried to attacker in the woods along Park Vista Road. (Published Sunday, June 3, 2012)

    He's just a regular-looking guy.  That's the problem.  A Richardson police sergeant tells NBC 5 he blended in with other walkers, bikers and joggers Saturday morning around 9:30.

    Police say the man was in jogging gear when he waived down a woman driving along Park Vista Road next to Breckinridge Park.

    He told her his dog was injured in a nearby ditch and needed help.  She got out of her car.  That's when police say he grabbed her, threw her to the ground and tried to pull her into some woods. 

    He had a knife but she had pepper spray.  She sprayed her attacker and she got away with minor injuries. The suspect got away, too.

    The suspect is described as a white man, between 20-30 years old. He has short, dark hair and blue eyes. He stands about 6-feet tall.

    NBC5 talked to several people in Breckinridge Park about this Sunday.  

    "If someone came to me (asking for help) I wouldn't have gotten out of the car," says Jameelah Cole who was out for a brisk walk.  "You hear things like that.  You just can't do things like that these days."

    Bill King out on his bike had seen our report on NBC5 about this Saturday night. 

    "It scared me to the nth degree," King told us.  "So this morning she's [his fiancee'] running and I'm out riding my bike to make sure we don't run across this guy."

    Richardson Police said they hope someone was in the park when this went down Saturday morning.  Even if they didn't see the attack, perhaps someone saw the suspect coughing or had watery eyes or trouble breathing after being hit with pepper spray.