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Redistricting in Plano ISD, Take Two?



    The Plano Independent School District may reopen debate on a bitterly fought school realignment plan that was passed just two years ago.

    Parents clad in white shirts in opposition to reopening debate on redistricting packed a Plano ISD work session Tuesday night.

    In December 2009, the board reached a compromise that parents seemed pleased with after months of open hostility.

    The key point was that student population at the smallest high school -- Plano West High School -- would begin to grow by up to 50 percent over time. The school would take students from the Eastside, where growth has been intense as cities within the district, such as Murphy and Parker, see their populations rise. The realignment has not yet started.

    Plano ISD Could Reopen Redistricting Battle

    [DFW] Plano ISD Could Reopen Redistricting Battle
    The Plano school district is considering revisiting the debate over school boundaries.
    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2011)

    But some parents who live closest to Plano West and feel slighted by the realignment fought back with their votes, electing three new trustees, including board President Tammy Richards.

    Those parents want the school board to change the 2009 plan and consider building a new high school in Plano.

    "If you look at what they ultimately did, all they did was shift an overcrowding situation in Plano East to an overcrowded situation in Plano West," John Donovan said.

    Plano ISD Boundary Debate Continues

    [DFW] Plano ISD Boundary Debate Continues
    Parents opposed to reopening the redistricting debate showed up in full force at the district's board meeting Tuesday night.
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011)

    But other parents say they already compromised in 2009 and don't want another battle that pits parent against parent.

    "We're also in an economic disarray right now, and we need to focus on that," Traci Davis said. "Where will we get the money to do what they want to do?"

    Richards seems open to debating the 2009 plan again.

    The board will decide during its Sept. 6 meeting on how to proceed on the matter.

    NBC 5's Omar Villafranca contributed to this report.