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Red Kettle Donations Going High-Tech

$5, $10 donations to be paid through mobile phone bills



    Red Kettle Donations Going High-Tech
    On a computer? Scan the QR code above to make your donation right now.

    The Salvation Army is taking red kettle collection efforts high-tech.

    This holiday season, The Salvation Army will be accepting donations using QR codes that'll allow generous North Texans to make either $5 or $10 donations through their mobile phone bill.

    Here is how it works.  Scan the QR code for the donation you want to make and the app will create a message that you can send via text/SMS. Depending on the app used, you may need to click the "compose" button at the bottom of the screen to bring up the texting application and actually send the text.

    Once sent, the donation will be made through your phone bill.

    "With fewer people carrying cash in their pockets or purses, this new opportunity provides a viable giving option for compassionate people who might come up dry if they reached for some change or a dollar," The Salvation Army said Tuesday in a news release.

    The Salvation Army will offer the smart phone donation option at 400 locations in DFW through Christmas Eve. 

    If you aren't near a red kettle but still want to make a donation, you can scan the QR code of your choice in the photo above or simply send a text message to 80888 with the message "DoGoodDFW DT" for a $5 donation or the message "DoGood DT" for a $10 donation.