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Thieves Steal From Home Rehab

Thieves steal supplies from non-profit trying to help community



    Rebuilding Together Greater Dallas upset after thieves broke into their Pods storage units and stole supplies they were going to use for a big neighborhood remodeling project. (Published Sunday, April 22, 2012)

    For years Rebuilding Together, Greater Dallas has worked hard to improve the homes in low income neighborhoods.

    But over the weekend, the nonprofit group which uses donated supplies to help renovate homes suffered a major blow.
    Thieves broke into three of their storage container units and stole all of their supplies and tools.

    Maggie Brodnax, executive director, said the items were worth $10,000 and was upset to learn what happened.

    "It was terrible. We had moved everything over for our big project we have coming up, over 250 volunteers are going to be here April 28 to redo 12 homes," said Brodnax.

    Now, those homes will still get remodeled, but the group will have less than a week to replace the supplies and make it happen. 

    For the residents along Starks Avenue, Saturday was supposed to be a special day.

    Sherri Mixon, along with her parents and sister, all own homes on Starks Street and was upset to find out that someone had stolen the items that were supposed to help rebuild their community.

    "Unfortunately we had a few bad people in the community to come and take from those that are giving back to the community, and yes it does hurt," said Mixon.

    But Brodnax said the thefts won't stop them from completing their plan, it's just going to take a little more work to get it done.

    "We are still going to do it. Absolutely we are going to move on, we are going to grow from this and bring this community even closer," said Brodnax.

    And they already have a plan in place to secure the items in the future.  Instead of keeping the items stored in the neighborhoods, they will keep the tools in their main storage facility on their site until they are ready to do the work.

    The big renovation event will take place this Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 2588 Starks Avenue in Dallas.