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Reality Series Follows Women of DPD

Female police officers enjoy newfound fame



    The Dallas officers featured in a reality TV show that follows female police officers across the country say everything on the show is real.

    TLC's "Police Women of Dallas" is an eight-part series features five officers who work some of the city's grittiest beats.

    “I grew up here in Dallas," said Sgt. Tracy Jones, a single mother and veteran officer with 15 years experience. "I wanted to work somewhere where I knew the area and I was comfortable with the area and, you know, could help people where I grew up."

    Officer Sara Ramsey and Mia Shagena say female officers still struggle with public acceptance, despite the progress women have made in other professions.

    The Women Behind the Badges of "Police Women of Dallas"

    [DFW] The Women Behind the Badges of "Police Women of Dallas"
    The five cops featured on the show attract fans in Big D and around the country.
    (Published Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010)

    “They call 911, and we show up, and they’re like, 'Wait, I want a real police officer,” Ramsey said.

    She said that's partly what motivated her to be on the show.

    “I think a lot of people kind of respect us now for showing on TV we can do our job and we do it very well,” Ramsey said.

    Film crews were along for the ride for eight weeks this summer as Jones and four other officers talked tough and wrestled criminals to the ground.

    "While we were filming, it was nerve-racking because you have someone constantly in your face with a camera all the time,” Jones said. “But I eventually got used to it.”

    She said everything on the show is real.

    ”The only thing we had to do is maybe some radio transactions over, because they may not have caught it,” Jones said.

    The contract between Dallas Police and TLC gives police officials the right to review each episode before it airs and request changes.

    The “Police Women of Dallas” began airing in late October, and the officers are still adjusting to their newfound fame.

    “Autographs, pictures -- it’s weird,” Ramsey said.

    The show has drawn an average audience of 1.6 million viewers so far.

    “People come up to me and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I watch you every Thursday religiously. I’ve got to call my friends and tell them I saw you,’" Shagena said.

    Shagena, 23, and her partner, Ramsey, 24, can finish each other's sentences. The playful pair seem more like sisters than partners.

    “We are just fun; we have fun with it,” Shagena said.

    The officers say they have been recognized everywhere from the movie theater to the gym and flooded with Facebook friend requests.

    "Police Women of Dallas" airs Thursday nights on TLC. Previous series included "Police Women of Broward County," "Police Women of Maricopa County" and "Police Women of Memphis."