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Reaction to the Death of Former U.S. Speaker Jim Wright



    Reaction to the Death of Former U.S. Speaker Jim Wright
    In this July 29, 2005, file photo, former House Speaker Jim Wright, of Texas, stands next to the Texas pillar while touring the World War II Memorial in Washington. Wright, the longtime Texas Democrat who became the first speaker in history to be driven out of office in midterm, died Wednesday morning, May 6, 2015. He was was 92.

    Former House Speaker Jim Wright, the longtime Texas Democrat who served more than three decades in the U.S. House of Representatives, died Wednesday morning at the age of 92. National leaders, state leaders and others react to his death.

    "Michelle and I were saddened to learn of the passing of Former Congressman and Speaker of the House Jim Wright. Jim represented the people of his beloved Texas for over three decades. He was a committed public leader and a proud World War II veteran who dedicated much of his life to serving his country. As a Representative from Texas and Speaker of the House, Jim was passionate about investing in infrastructure, and he worked tirelessly to promote peace in Central America. Today, our thoughts and prayers are with Jim’s family and friends, and the people he represented in Congress for so many years."  -  President Obama

     "Speaker Jim Wright's footprint in Fort Worth and North Texas is large. He was instrumental in projects that helped build this state and particularly North Texas to the prominent place it holds today. He helped save the Historic Stockyards District and authored the Wright Amendment which settled a bitter fight over DFW International Airport, allowing Fort Worth and Dallas to work together and share the economic growth largely credited to the success of the airport."

    "My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and I join with so many others in mourning the loss of a true giant who worked tirelessly on behalf of the people of Texas and the United States of America." - Congresswoman Kay Granger from the 12th District of Texas.

    "Today, we mourn the loss of one of America's most distinguished and dedicated public servants: Speaker Jim Wright. From the service that earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross in World War II to the leadership that defined his 34 years in the House, Jim Wright exemplified commitment to the future of America's families.

    "Speaker Wright was a person of deep courage, brilliant eloquence, and complete mastery of the legislative process. Speaker Wright's strong, decisive leadership built an indelible legacy of progress, not only in his beloved state of Texas, but around the world. Wright championed prosperity for every working family, and helped lead the way to peace to Central America. After he left the House, Wright continued to share his wisdom with new generations of leaders as a professor at Texas Christian University.

    "Jim Wright was a patriot who held the respect of friends and colleagues on both sides of the aisle. He never stopped serving our country, and his achievements will stand forever as a living monument to his determined vision and legendary ability. We hope it is a comfort to Speaker Wright's family, friends, students and colleagues that so many join them in grieving and honoring such a wonderful man."  - Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

    "The whole House mourns the passing of Speaker Jim Wright of the state of Texas. We remember Speaker Wright today for his lifelong commitment to public service, from flying combat missions over the South Pacific to fighting for Fort Worth on the House floor. Speaker Wright understood as well as anyone this institution’s closeness to the people, calling the House ‘the raw essence of the nation.’ It is in this spirit that we send our deepest condolences to his family and community."  - U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner.

    "Jim Wright served at a time when political giants from Texas roamed Washington. It was a very exciting political time when a young mayor from Weatherford arrived in Washington and began sitting at the feet of political giants like Sam Rayburn and Lyndon Johnson, and learning their trade." -Ben Barnes, a former Texas lieutenant governor and speaker of the Texas House.