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Ramping Up for Back to School

Safety concerns top-of-mind as children return to class



    Ramping Up for Back to School
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    Preparations are well under way for North Texas children to return to school.

    The start of school is less than a week away, and teachers and police officers are finishing preparations.

    In Fort Worth, the annual convocation looked more like a pep rally, with teachers dancing and singing.

    “This is the most exciting day of our summer, because it means we’re coming back to the beginning of the school year, and we’re going to have the best year ever,” teacher Melissa Jefferies said.

    At Caesar Chavez Learning Center in Dallas, classrooms were being prepared, and teachers underwent hours of training.

    Ready for Back to School?

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    Teachers and students across North Texas are getting ready to go back to school, but everyone needs to remember that school is back in session next week.
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010)

    "I think every teacher would tell you they're excited about getting a new group of kids and just getting back into the routine," teacher Bob Adams said.

    Safety is also a big concern as kids return to school.

    Dallas police said they will step up enforcement in school zones to make sure drivers are slowing down and not talking on their cell phones.

    "You’re going to be hard pressed if you're one of those persons stopped in a school zone to have a really good excuse about why you're speeding," Assistant Police Tom Lawrence said.

    "I can tell you, saying, 'I didn’t see the sign,' isn’t going to be good enough," he said.

    Dallas County schools have installed more traffic cameras on their busses to catch drivers who fail to stop for them. Tickets will be mailed to violators, and fines start at $200.