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Put It on the Plate

State banking on vanity plate sales



    Put It on the Plate

    The state of Texas envisions big money coming from the sale of vanity license plates through its partner company, My Plates.

    Forget for the moment that the idea already crapped out twice before, according to a Dallas Morning News article, that My Plates is a start-up business and the result of a partnership between “Pinnacle Technical Resources, a technology management and staffing firm in Dallas, and Etech Inc., a call center and business services company based in Nacogdoches,” so not exactly a lot of experience in the vanity plates business, that its business plan is still “unproven,” that the state agency that oversees the deal, the Department of Motor Vehicles, became a standalone entity just this past November, and, no other state in the Union runs a similar program.

    Not a worry, this plan will work because … um … because … well … because, oh, because people are willing to pay big bucks at auction for license plates that read “COWBOYS,” “GOHORNS,” and “MYPL8S” because window decals and bumper sticks just don’t say those things well enough.

    Let’s be fair, though, and try to gauge the market. Any vanity plate owners out there? Share photos of the tags and let’s see what we’ve got.

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