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Purses Stolen From Parked Cars in Public Lots

Thieves smash windows to take purses left inside vehicles in Coppell, North Lake College in Irving



    Thieves Target Cars in Coppell and Irving

    Irving and Coppell police have issued a crime alert about vehicle burglaries where someone smashed the windows and stole purses from the cars. (Published Thursday, July 12, 2012)

    Coppell and North Lake College police are working together to investigate several car burglaries at public parking lots.

    Thieves broke into seven cars in two days and stole purses. Four cars were broken into at the parking lots at the Andy Brown East Park and the Coppell Aquatic and Recreation Center.

    "Four vehicles were broken into," Coppell police Sgt. David Moore said. "In all four cases, a window was shattered and a purse was stolen from the inside of the vehicle."

    Credit cards from the stolen purses were traced to different stores in Lewisville, where police obtained surveillance footage.

    "The big distinction about one of the suspects is that he is an amputee," Moore said. "His left arm just below the elbow."

    The footage also showed the men leaving in a dark green, four-door Nissan Xterra.

    Thieves broke into three other cars and stole purses at North Lake College in Irving on Tuesday morning. North Lake College police said they increased patrols in the area and are working with Coppell police detectives to determine if the break-ins are related.

    "Be sure that you take adequate precautions, just as you would in your home," North Lake College Police Chief JC Drake said. "If you don't walk out and leave your house open, don't leave things to invite people to your car."

    Joshua Soberanis, a North Lake College student, said news of the break-ins came as a surprise.

    "This is a place where people go to better themselves and learn, and that's kind of horrible that some [thieves] burglarized students who are trying to better themselves and improve their situation," he said.

    Debbi Tucker, a Lewisville resident visiting Andy Brown East Park with her children, said that while the break-ins are unfortunate, they don't affect her opinion of the city.

    "I still like the area. I still like the community," she said. "It's just, watch your stuff, be proactive and pay attention to what's around you."

    Anyone with information about the car burglaries are asked to call either Coppell police or North Lake College police.