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Prowler Sneaks Into Sleeping Family's Home

Father says man woke up youngest daughter



    An intruder who has crept into several homes in a neighborhood in The Colony watched a young girl sleep and touched her ear, the child's father said.

    Ralph Cotto said a man entered into his home in the Legends community early Saturday morning while he and his family were sleeping. The man went into the room of his youngest daughter, who woke up at about 3 a.m.

    "He touched her on the ear," Cotto said. "She thought that it was me, just playing around. She said, 'Stop. Daddy, knock it off.' And she heard the guy say, 'I'm not your dad.' Which, to me, that would make my heart sink if i heard something like that."

    Cotto said he is relieved the man left and no one was hurt. He said the man entered his home through an unlocked door.

    A Prowler Creeps Into The Colony

    [DFW] A Prowler Creeps Into The Colony
    A prowler has entered several homes in the Legends neighborhood of The Colony.
    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012)

    Police said similar incidents occurred in the neighborhood in August. Neighbors call the man "The Prowler."

    "The message to this guy is, you know, you're sick," Cotto said. "You have a problem. You need to take care of it, because if you continue with that behavior, you are going to get caught."

    Jeanie Skinner, who lives a few doors away from the Cottos, said residents have believed the neighborhood is safe. Skinner said "The Prowler" has put everyone is on high alert.

    "Fortunately, we live in a state that allows us to protect our home, which is our castle," Skinner said.

    Neighbors say they plan to be vigilant and make sure every door is secure.

    "You don't ever dream that that one time you don't do it, it's going to cost you your privacy," Skinner said.

    Police say the intruder entered all of the homes through unlocked doors or garages. They said residents should double-check their doors.

    Investigators do not know the man's motive but do not believe it is theft.