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Protect Boats, Lawn Furniture with Shrink Wrap

North Texas business takes shrink wrapping to a whole new level



    Protect Boats, Lawn Furniture with Shrink Wrap
    Protect this in the winter by shrink wrapping it.

    Fast Wrap is taking the technology that used to be reserved for gift baskets and using it to wrap just about anything you can imagine, including boats and RVs.

    The company said the process is an inexpensive way to weatherize your prized possessions.

    "Anything that's going to be stored outside for any period of time that needs to be protected can benefit from the use of a shrink wrap," said Steve Worth, Fast Wrap.

    Scott Owens with Secure RV uses it to winterize some of the RV's stored on his lot. He said the wraps are less expensive and more effective than traditional tarps and covers.

    "Those are notorious for tearing and ripping and not being much good," said Owens.

    The cost for shrink wrapping varies. The owner said lawn furniture typically runs about $50 and the cost goes up from there depending on the size of the item to be wrapped.