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Prime Time for Thieves

Experts say be aware of what is around you.



    It’s the busiest time of the year for shoppers looking to get gifts for the holidays. Police warn it’s also a busy time for them, as they deal with thieves preying on homes, stores and parking lots.

    Right now, departments around North Texas are seeing a spike in holiday thefts. Safety experts say it’s easy to avoid falling victim. Jeff McKissak owns “Defense by Design,” and teaches people how to protect themselves.

    “One of the primary tactics (thieves use) is asking for or offering assistance. Be very leary of people asking to bring something to or from their car,” McKissak said. “Where is there car parked? Where are they trying to lure you?”

    McKissak said when you’re done shopping, get into your car first, lock the door, then arrange your belongings safely inside.

    Pay Attention to Your Shopping Surroundings

    [DFW] Pay Attention to Your Shopping Surroundings
    Security experts warn it's time to keep alert when shopping during the holiday season.
    (Published Monday, Dec. 12, 2011)

    Shoppers agree, being alert and mindful of your surroundings is the key to avoiding becoming a victim. I’m very cautious of my purse, like I make sure I’m aware that it’s by my side at all times. That it’s zipped up, “ said Jennifer Tran.

    McKissak says common sense can help you keep your gifts where they belong and your sense of security from being stolen this holiday season.