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Powerball Is Here

115 million up for grabs in first drawing to include Texas



    Powerball Is Here

    At Fuel City in Dallas, lottery players are trying their luck at a new game, Powerball.

    Though the chance of winning the $115 million jackpot is 1 in 195 million, people are not discouraged.
    "You know what they say? If at first you don't succeed try, try again," said Tony Draper.

    Powerball is the second multi-state lottery game to come to the Texas. For seven years, people have been playing Mega Millions, and at this convenient store, those tickets are outpacing Powerball sales.
    Maybe it's because it's a new game. Maybe it's because Mega Millions has actually paid out the largest jackpot in history; $390 million which is $25 million more than Powerball's biggest jackpot. Plus, the chance of winning Mega Millions is better, too.

    The Texas Lottery Commission voted to bring the game to Texas in January, saying it will produce $35 million in revenue for the state education fund.

    Powerball Tonight

    [DFW] Powerball Tonight
    Wednesday night North Texans can get in on the Powerball drawings.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010)

    But opponents said it's just another temptation to throw money away on an unlikely dream.

    The first Powerball drawing to include Texas is Wednesday at 9:59 p.m., central time.

    For results, click here.