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Police Release Sketch of Man in Delta Sigma Theta Sexual Assaults

Investigators also say man identified himself as 'Jay' to one of the victims



    Plano police released a sketch Friday afternoon of a man who has sexually assaulted alumnae of a national black sorority.

    The man has attacked at least four members of Delta Sigma Theta in three North Texas cities and towns. The victims are in their mid-50s and mid-60s.

    Investigators had earlier released surveillance footage of the man, but the footage was grainy.

    "Our hopes on that is, basically, we want to give a little bit of a different image," Plano Police Officer David Tilley said.

    Sketch of Man in Sorority Attacks Released

    [DFW] Sketch of Man in Sorority Attacks Released
    Plano police release a composite sketch of the man who has attacked several members of Delta Sigma Theta.
    (Published Friday, Dec. 9, 2011)

    Police confirmed that the man identified himself as either "Jay" or the letter "J" to a victim who was sexually assaulted in Plano in April.

    "We're unsure if this is the name 'Jay' or the letter 'J' or if it's just some form of a nickname -- that, we don't know," Tilley said.

    He also reportedly told the victim that he was about 40 years old. The attacker later called that victim from a Mesquite pay phone several weeks later to see how she was doing.

    New Theory in Sorority Rape Case

    [DFW] New Theory in Sorority Rape Case
    Police now believe the man who sexually assaulted members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority lives in the Mesquite area.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 21, 2011)

    "It's a little bizarre, probably, to the average citizen ... It's actually not an uncommon trait that suspects in these type of offenses exhibit," Tilley said.

    In an attempted sexual assault six months earlier in Plano, he told the victim he was there for "sweetness."

    The man sexually assaulted a woman in Coppell in September. Corinth police are investigating the October sexual assault of a woman in Shady Shores who is no longer an active member of Delta Sigma Theta.

    Delta Theta Sisters Meet in Public

    [DFW] Delta Theta Sisters Meet in Public
    Even with a rapist targeting them on the run, the brave sisters of theDelta Theta Sigma sorority met in public Saturday.
    (Published Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011)

    All of the attacks occurred in the victims' homes. Police said last month that they have a DNA profile of the man.

    The television show "America's Most Wanted" profiled the case Friday night. The lead detectives from Plano, Coppell and Corinth answered the tip line after the segment aired.

    "We want to catch this guy," Tilley said. "I mean, this is a high-priority case for us, as well as Coppell and Corinth, and there's still several people out there -- they're living their life looking over their shoulder."

    NBC 5's Ellen Goldberg contributed to this report.

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