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Police Find Two Bodies in Inside Dallas Condo

Discovery of bodies shocks neighbors



    Police said two bodies found in a Dallas condominium may have been there for several weeks.

    The bodies were discovered at the Creekbend Condominiums in the 12000 block of Abrams Road when Dallas police made a welfare check at the request of a neighbor.

    Joe Elizondo, a maintenance supervisor who helped police get inside the condo, said he found the bodies.

    "I opened up the window, and as I opened up the window, I saw a lady facing me, and I thought she was awake, looking at me, smiling," he said. "And I smiled at her."

    Dallas Police Investigate Discovery of 2 Dead Bodies

    [DFW] Dallas Police Investigate Discovery of 2 Dead Bodies
    There was a gruesome discovery inside a Dallas condo -- two bodies that investigators say had been there for some time.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 18, 2011)

    He said another body was next to the woman's body.

    "It was a really sad thing to see," Elizondo said.

    A mother and her son live in the condo, but police said they do not know the identities of the people found inside.

    "It is unknown at this time who exactly was in that apartment at the time that this happened," Lt. David Pughes said.

    Police said the bodies were badly decomposed and that it will take time to determine who they are and how they died.

    Investigators said the recent cold weather could also have slowed down decomposition.

    Creekbend Condominiums residents said they were shocked by the discovery of the bodies.

    "It's scary," one resident said. "It makes you want to hurry up and move. Who wants to stay over here where people been in the house for two months dead and nobody knew about it? Who wants to stay in a place like that? It makes you feel scared."

    The manager of the property declined to comment.