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Slain Woman's Parents Say Police Didn't Do Enough



    The father and stepmother of Kimberly Carter are grieving the loss of their 29-year-old daughter. She was fatally shot Tuesday night inside her Arlington apartment, after her ex-boyfriend Barnes Samuel Nettles shot and killed a rookie police officer taking Carter's domestic disturbance report, according to police.

    Willie and Leah Richardson said they had reported Nettles to police numerous times for threatening and assaulting the family, but police did not do enough to stop a violent man.

    The Richardsons pulled up to their daughter's apartment complex as everything was unfolding Tuesday. They went to check on Carter after she told them Nettles had bitten her face during a fight. The Richardsons saw Nettles going up the stairs to Carter's apartment, after he had left briefly. When they opened the front door, they found Officer Jillian Smith, 24, lying in blood on the living room floor and ran out to call for help.

    The Richardsons later learned Officer Smith was shot while shielding Ciani, who then ran out the front door and heard more gunshots. Nettles had fatally shot Carter before turning the gun on himself.

    Carter was smart and outgoing, the Richardsons said. She took care of her 11-year-old daughter, Ciani Jennings, and loved her banking career. Carter's father feels guilt over her murder.

    "That was my baby. So I wish I had have took some different steps or something," he said.

    "I wish he could suffer. I wish he could suffer. It's too easy for him," Leah said. "He took our daughter. He took our daughter from her daughter. He took a police officer who was young, beautiful, and she was just starting her career."

    Arlington police declined to comment on the department's response to the family's calls for help.