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Police: Burglary Suspect's Home "Looked Like Gun Show"

McKinney police find more than 200 guns, some stolen



    A McKinney detective says the home of a burglary suspect where police found more than 200 guns "looked like a gun show." (Published Friday, May 25, 2012)

    McKinney police recovered more than 200 guns at a Collin County home where a man was arrested on suspicion of burglary.

    Officers arrested Paul Allan Kelso, 61, on two burglary warrants. Detectives told NBC 5 that a stolen gun in San Antonio helped led officers to Kelso.

    Police found more than 200 guns, including some that were stolen, inside Kelso's rented Parker home. A McKinney detective said the house "looked like a gun show."

    "This is pretty rare," Deputy Chief Joe Ellenburg said. "This is probably the largest recovery of this kind that I've seen."

    Officers found pistols and semi-automatic handguns of all calibers. They also found dozens of hunting rifles and shotguns. Detectives also found bags and boxes of bullets amounting to more than 1,000 bullets.

    "We don't know how many he sold prior to us getting to him," Ellenburg said. "What we're looking at is his inventory as of yesterday."

    Officers also found brand-name watches made by Rolex, Movado and Bulgari, along with some electric guitars, silverware and jewelry.

    McKinney officers had to rent a moving truck Thursday to finish loading the rest of the goods. Officers wheeled out bikes, fishing poles, tools and lawn-mowing equipment.

    Andrew McMullen, who lives next door, said Kelso moved in about a year ago. He said he remembers seeing Kelso mowing his lawn several times a week and keeping the trees well groomed.

    He said he thought Kelso was a hard-working neighbor after talking to him.

    "His son was home-schooled, his wife was an artist trying to make something work, and he was a retired movie producer," McMullen said.

    But his suspicions grew when he started seeing numerous trucks and cars pulling in and out of his neighbor's driveway, McMullen said.

    "[I'm] glad we kind of kept our guard up a little bit," he said. "Yeah, it's nothing you want as a neighbor."

    As of Thursday, Kelso was still being held in the Collin County jail.