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Plumbers Clean Up North Texas Leftovers

Plumbers say think before you throw it in the sink.



    Plumbers Clean Up North Texas Leftovers
    A plumber holds wrench and tubing.

    Retail stores aren't the only businesses that are busy in North Texas. Plumbers are also working overtime.

    Fort Worth’s Roto Rooter says they always run a full staff the day after major holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays are their busiest times of the year, because houses are filled with more people, and more food, which puts a strain on household plumbing. Plumbers say most of the problems happen in the kitchen when people try to dispose of too much food.

    "if you're putting stuff in your garbage disposal, try to keep it to a minimum and make sure you push plenty of water behind it." said Roto Rooter plumber Chris Head.

    Plumbers say maintenance is key to keeping your systems running before the holiday season begins.

    Black Friday for Plumbers

    [DFW] Black Friday for Plumbers
    Plumbers are working 'round the clock during the holiday weekend.
    (Published Friday, Nov. 27, 2009)