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Plano Discussing More Downtown Improvements

This week, Plano City Council considered small projects to update the downtown area



    Plano Discussing More Downtown Improvements

    Before the city of Plano rolls out a new logo and “City of Excellence” tagline this summer, the city is considering some other projects to spruce up its downtown area.

    Improvements, including more street lighting and new uniform signage for parking were part of city council's discussions this week for improving the downtown Plano area. The downtown district has been highlighted as a priority area by city council.

    “The downtown area had been identified through this vision the council adopted,” said Mary Vail-Grube, the city’s director of marketing and community engagement. “We’re known for innovation, for being on the cutting edge.”

    This week, city council approved the installation of eight streetlights along 14th and 15th Streets, as well as I Avenue in the southern part of downtown Plano.

    The area, which is closer to Central Expressway, is part of a targeted area for improvement and for the expansion of downtown Plano in 10-year plan city council envisions.

    City council also discussed changing 15 parking signs along downtown streets to update the area with a more uniform look.

    Vail-Grube adds that while the city has already electronically adopted its new logo and tagline, it will take time to transition the rest of its property, uniforms, buildings and the like.

    She says the first changes will likely involve street banners and flags at city buildings.