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Plano Begins Selling Liquor

For the first time since voters pass referendum



    For the first time, Nancy Monnette and other Plano residents can buy liquor at stores in Plano. (Published Saturday, June 29, 2013)

    Angel’s Beverage in Plano is the first store to sell liquor in the city since voters approved the referendum last month.

    "We’ve been waiting 25 years for this to happen," said Shawn O'Connor, the wine director at Angel's Beverage,
    Throughout the day, customers stopped by to get some of the hard stuff. For Plano resident Nancy Monnette it's about the convenience. 
    "It's very convenient for us because traveling into Dallas or the south end of Richardson is a good 15 miles down the road," Monnette said.
    Overall the sales equals tax dollars for the city. Plano estimates that in years past, they've lost half a million dollar each year in sales tax revenue to neighboring cities.
    “Every day for the past five years I’ve picked up the phone and said no we don't sell liquor in Plano," O'Connor said. "Today that's finally ended I can say 'Yes! Come and see us'."