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Plane Crashes in Johnson County



    Plane Crashes in Johnson County
    The pilot survived the crash, but was reported to be injured.

    A small, dual-engine plane crashed in Johnson County late Thursday morning.

    The pilot, the only occupant on the plane at the time, survived the crash but had to be extracted from the aircraft.  The pilot has minor injuries.

    The plane, an Aerostar 601P, was flying from Mena, Ork., when it crash landed in a plowed field near County Road 312 and state Highway 171 around 11 a.m.  The plane, resting on its belly, apparently came down with it's landing gear retracted.

    While the plane was largly intact, the back part of the fueslage was broken away from the plane and the propellers had been damaged.

    Officials have not speculated as to what caused the plane to crash.