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Piles of Mysterious Concrete Line Trinity River



    Onlookers wonder what's going on near downtown Fort Worth. (Published Thursday, Nov. 25, 2010)

    Big piles of broken concrete lining the Trinity River in Fort Worth have people wondering what's going on.

    People enjoy walking and biking on the trails along Forest Park Boulevard near the Lancaster Avenue bridge, but some say the concrete slabs create an eyesore.

    "From the street, it doesn't look real appealing," said Joseph Baker.

    The loads of recycled concrete are serving a purpose, however. The Tarrant Regional Water District is using them to stop erosion along the river banks caused by heavy rains and water flowing downstream.

    "It starts washing away the bank of the river, and we're not able to mow and maintain the banks like we should. So this is a way to stabilize it," communications manager Chad Lorance said.

    Crews have already pushed some of the concrete into the dirt down closer to the water. Soon they'll cover the rubble with soil and grass, so the banks will be green again.

    They've completed work along several hundred feet of the Trinity River. They hope to be done in the next couple of months.