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Phil Collins; Musician, Alamo Buff

Legendary pop star shows passion for Texas history



    Legendary British rock star Phil Collins has quite a passion for Texas history. (Published Saturday, May 12, 2012)

    Most Texas students are taught to “Remember the Alamo,” but there is one British pop icon that likely knows more about it than most native Texans.

    You probably remember Phil Collins for his days banging drums and fronting for the legendary band Genesis.  Or maybe for his successful solo career.

    What you probably don’t know is that Collins is an Alamo enthusiast.

    “I’ve just always, since I was 5-years-old, loved everything about [the Alamo], even the shape of the façade. There's something about it that's always drawn me to it,” said Collins, during a book tour in Dallas Saturday.

    You're probably thinking, how does a British rock star who lives in Switzerland develop a passion for Texas history?

    “I watched Fess Parker in England, almost by accident because we didn't have a TV guide or anything and we only had one channel, and I came across it on TV. That's all it took,” recalled Collins.

    Over the years, the musician-turned historian has amassed an extensive collection of Alamo artifacts that includes Davey Crocket's musket ball pouch, powder flasks, weapons and 19th century documents, many of which he's included in his new book, “The Alamo and Beyond.”

    “People like to put people in boxes and know where they are and know what they're doing and I'm supposed to be a musician,” said Collins about people’s surprise when learning he’s an Alamo buff.

    But, he adds, that his passion is not all that unique.

    “It’s not that strange,” he said. “There are many Europeans who are interested in Texas history.”