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Pay to Park at Six Flags -- Or Pay Towing Fees

Tow trucks haul away cars of park visitors who park in other lots



    It's one of the busiest weeks of the year at Six Flags Over Texas, but it doesn't pay to try to beat the system when parking.

    Parking options include paying $15 to $30 to park in a Six Flags parking lot or getting dropped off.

    But many try parking at one of the restaurants, hotels or empty lots across the street and walking to Six Flags -- ignoring or overlooking towing signs.

    "They park and then 10 minutes later, here come the tow trucks," said said Bill McKenzie, general manager of the La Quinta Inn and Suites just across the street from the park. "They have spotters that actually watch -- they watch them get out of their car and take a picture and then they get around the corner and they call the tow trucks in, and it's all day long."

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    McKenzie said some businesses in the area contract with towing companies to keep their parking lots open for their patrons.

    Those who get towed soon realize it may not have been worth the risk.

    "They're shocked," McKenzie said. "They're like, 'Where did my car go?' Then they call the number, and they say it's $250."

    Flor Talavera, manager of a Subway restaurant across the street from Six Flags, said there's not much she can do or say when park visitors return to the parking lot to find their car towed.

    "We tell them the signs are out there," she said. "It's not like they haven't been warned."

    She said she has yet to see anybody getting away it.

    "Everybody does get towed," Talavera said.