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Pack of Coyotes Spotted in Richardson Neighborhood



    The video looks like something you'd see on Animal Planet: Two coyotes stalking their prey.  But the video was recorded in North Dallas and the prey was a neighborhood cat.

    The video, sent in to NBC DFW, shows how coyotes are moving closer and closer into residental areas.
    "I've seen a coyote crossing the street over here. Over by the baseball diamond. He was coming from that field and crossed the street," said Sam Nicholls, of Richardson.
    Nicholls said coyotes are a common sight in his neighborhood near UT Dallas.  Denise Veliz, another Richardson resident, said the coyotes have killed three of her cats.
    Ghianda Becerril walks her beagle in the neighborhood, but said she avoids the alley where her dad saw a coyote. The UT-Dallas student said she's also heard the animals near her home at night.
    "We just hear, like, howling. The other day we heard scratching. I've heard a couple of things outside my window," Becerril said.
    The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website shows that coyotes are common in the area.