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Oprah and TXDOT: Drive Now Txt L8r

Drive now, text later.



    Oprah and TXDOT: Drive Now Txt L8r
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    Oprah and other groups want you to put down your cell phone on Friday.

    The Texas Department of Transportation is jumping on the Oprah bandwagon telling Texans to stop texting or talking on cell phones while driving.

    On Friday, TXDOT's electronic message boards will flash signs that read, “Make Your Vehicle a No Phone Zone,” or “Drive Now. Text or Talk Later.” 

    TxDOT is joining other groups across the country promoting Oprah Winfrey’s “No Phone Zone” Day, taking place on Friday.

    Distracted driving resulted in 103,526 crashes in Texas in 2008 according to TXDOT. 

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    “There were 524 deaths in Texas in 2008 because of driver distraction,” said Terry Pence, director of TxDOT’s Traffic Safety Program. “The statewide messages will remind drivers that April 30 is a no phone zone day, but we hope that all Texans will think about putting away the cell phones every time they get behind the wheel-not just on April 30.”

    A 2009 Texas Transportation Institute study found that 44 percent of teens text while driving and 49 percent talk on a cell phone.