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Olympic-Style Games Come to Cowboys Stadium

Kids help military family while competing for gold



    Olympic-Style Games Come to Cowboys Stadium

    The spirit of the Olympics made it to Cowboys Stadium as more than 700 kids competed for gold on Friday.

    You've heard of the javelin throw, but have you heard of the noodle toss? How about the 30-person relay race, as opposed to the 100-meter relay? What about the sack race that turns into a crabwalk race? Well, there's really nothing to compare that one to.

    "Seeing it on television -- the actual Olympics -- built that up. [The kids] would go home and watch it on TV and the teachers would build it up for the kiddos," said Missie Brown about the kids' excitement leading up to the event.

    Brown owns Kids R Kids Keller, one of 12 centers throughout the Metroplex. All 12 locations competed against each another during the Kids R Kids Olympic event.

    The Olympic Games were the culmination of weeks of fundraising to benefit a local military family through the Helping A Hero organization, which is dedicated to supporting veterans and their families.

    "Now [the kids] know how to give back to the community and how to be a part of a team," Brown said.

    "People say the youth is wasted on the young and the youth of America is in trouble, but if they keep raising them like this, we don't have anything to worry about," said Brian Fleming, a veteran of the Afghanistan War who sustained severe internal injuries during a roadside bomb blast and a suicide bomb blast.

    Fleming and his family, who live in Fort Worth, were presented with more than $6,000 raised by the children of Kids R Kids.

    The Olympic games were a way to celebrate their efforts. And for some of the kids, just as much effort went into preparing for the games.

    "We've been doing sprints, racing, throwing pool noodles, throwing baseballs into buckets," said Ben Stevenson of Kids R Kids Keller.

    Raymond Bergeron said he had been practicing the crabwalk around his house with his dog.

    "Yeah, me and my dog -- well, he wouldn't crabwalk, but I would just follow him," said Raymond with Kids R Kids Legacy Wests.