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Officer Fired Over Nude Photos Sent to HS Student: AP



    Officer Fired Over Nude Photos Sent to HS Student: AP
    Crews attorney Haakon Donnelly said his client will appeal.

    A Dallas police officer has been fired after an internal investigation revealed he sent nude photos of himself to a high school student.

    Police Chief David Kunkle on Thursday fired Officer Bryan Crews, who had been with the department for four years.

    Sgt. Warren Mitchell, a police spokesman, said Crews had a sexual relationship with the girl, who may have been 17 when they met but was 18 when Crews sent the nude photos.

    "We feel that his actions, particularly sending it to a high school student, crossed the boundary of what would be acceptable behavior in this department," Mitchell said.

    Criminal charges were not filed because, even at 17, the girl was legally considered an adult, Mitchell said.

    Crews' attorney criticized the investigation into the officer's private life and said an appeal is planned.

    "The department should be ashamed of its actions and methods of investigation into this officer's personal private life, which has nothing to do his status as a police officer or on-the-job conduct," said attorney Haakon Donnelly.

    Crews also was critical of the investigation.

    "I do not deny all of the allegations, but question the integrity of the investigation and how the evidence was obtained," Crews wrote in a statement to internal investigators. "I am not saying that my behavior was OK."

    The Dallas Morning News reported Friday that the internal investigation started in February after Crews' wife gave authorities his personal cell phone memory card, ticket books and other items. Donnelly said the complaints from Crews' wife came during their divorce proceedings.

    According to the investigation, he also received nude photos from a female police sergeant and Crews showed nude photos, including those of female police employees, to other police officers while on duty.

    Mitchell said the sergeant was suspended for 10 days but no disciplinary action was taken against other police employees in the case.

    The investigation also found that Crews failed to give copies of tickets to several violators who were later wanted for arrest because they did not pay the tickets. Those tickets were later dismissed and records show Crews described it as a "rookie mistake."

    The investigation also found that Crews violated department policy by personally keeping dozens of unauthorized photos that he took of crime scenes.