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Oak Cliff Art Memorializes 9/11 Victims

Exhibit to educate kids



    Oak Cliff Art Memorializes 9/11 Victims
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    Most everyone older than about 20 remembers well the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

    Artwork on display and growing at the Bank Tower at Oak Cliff is intended to educate school children about the solemnity of the date.

    Two sculptures symbolize the twin towers of the World Trade Center that once stood in New York City before terrorist attacks destroyed the structures and killed nearly 3,000 people.

    The commemorative artwork event started last week when firefighters stationed in Oak Cliff read the names of first-responder emergency personnel killed in the immediate aftermath of the strikes. Black blocks then were placed in the sculpts to symbolize their sacrifices.

    Members of the general public were invited to read names of the civilian dead before colored blocks representing the various cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the victims joined the black blocks.

    Students enrolled at multiple Dallas schools also participated in the ceremonies. Ralph Isenberg, managing partner at the Oak Cliff tower and organizer of the annual event, said the artwork is intended to bring home the tragedies and significance of the day for children too young then to comprehend the attacks.

    "I hope the art seen by these students will make [them] ask more questions about what happened that day," he said in a news release. "Children need to understand the emotions of the day as well to fully understand the loss."

    A public ceremony takes place starting at 8:30 a.m., Sept. 10, at the bank tower. Please remove your hats.

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