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North Texas Water Safe to Drink

Algal bloom makes water smell bad, but still drinkable



    Under the Tucson Sun
    Tim Graham

    Summertime may be when the livin' is easy, but there's a reason the catfish are jumpin'.

    Hot temperatures bring the annual algal bloom that makes drinking water in many North Texas homes and businesses taste and smell crummy.

    But North Texas Municipal Water District officials say not to worry. The district, which supplies water to more than 40 cities and water systems, say the water is safe for all uses, including drinking.

    Interim Prosper Town Manager Lyle Dresher says the water district lab monitors reservoirs, looking for the expected algal count increases that hot weather brings.

    There also are more complaints from customers. The district's website says it's "actively pursuing the implementation of ozonation," a water treatment process that may eliminate the summertime taste and odor issues.