North Texas Sites Inspected for Border Children

Crews are working over the weekend to inspect three possible sites where 2,000 immigrant children will be sheltered in Dallas County.

Site teams are working over the holiday weekend inspecting three sites that might shelter 2,000 immigrant children in the Dallas area by the end of the month. “Now is the hard part of the process where we take community engagement and hear back about these sites,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. Those possible locations for now are D.A. Hulcy Middle School, an old hospital warehouse near Parkland Memorial Hospital and Lamar Alternative School in Grand Prairie. But, there are mixed feelings about bringing the children to Grand Prairie. “As a mother of four, I feel for these kids, these families and I'm okay with it,” said Rene Velasquez. “As a Christian, we're supposed to invite and welcome.” Grand Prairie mayor pro-tem and council member Tony Shotwell feels he hasn't been well informed about the decision. “We don't know what kids, what age group, what kind of infrastructure repairs they would want to do, if there's going to be neighborhood meetings, we're in the dark,” said Shotwell. Jenkins agrees this is a fast moving process to bring 2,000 immigrant children to the Dallas area, but he says he has been in close contact with the mayor of Grand Prairie about issue. “This is about compassion toward children,” said Jenkins. “It should not be about politics. Let’s show these children that in north Texas we value children.” Jenkins says he has received offers for dozens of sites around the Dallas area, but the three that were announced are the most feasible for now.