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North Texas Preps for the Spring Bug Invasion



    Warmer weather and spring showers are bringing out the bugs and with insects starting to swarm it's not too early to start looking for ways to keep them out of your home and yard. (Published Monday, March 18, 2013)

    Get ready for the spring invasion. Bugs – lots of bugs.

    Exterminators are already getting calls for carpenter ants, termites, and odorous house ants – all making their way into homes across North Texas.

    “This is their prime time of the year”, says Larry Novy with Arrow Exterminators. "This is when the populations start to surge they’re in the reproductive cycle, they’re moving, trying to find new harbourages, and new sources of food and so forth, so this is when our business picks up."

    Exterminators warn that it is not too early to start looking for ways to keep bugs out of your home and yard.

    “If you have a leaf litter that started to accumulate through the winter months, that also needs to be raked up...insects will use that as sort of a staging area," says Novy. "They’ll start to harbourage in there, they’ll bred, multiply and it’s an easy bridge into the house."

    Garden centers are stocking up on their supplies of mosquito control products and repellents, urging homeowners to use Mosquito Bits and dunks now to avoid big problems this spring and summer.

    “It’s an ongoing thing that you’re going to keep doing but you’re starting now”, says Carolyn Kenney with North Haven Gardens in North Dallas. “And this is when you’re going to get preventative to really start working. If we prevent from the beginning if everybody starts doing this, that’s when you’ll see a major effectiveness ahead of time."

    With spring rains expected later this week, expect to see more fire ants, mosquitoes and other insects beginning to appear.

    So now’s the time to clean up the yard, rake up any leaves and other debris from the winter, and get rid of any standing water.