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North Texans Prep for Super Bowl

Party preparations are underway for North Texans watching the Super Bowl



    North Texans Prep for Super Bowl

    From hot dogs to high definition televisions, North Texans are gearing up for the Super Bowl.

    "It's the busiest day of the year by far," said Domino Pizza employee Daniel Brock.

    "We're ready for anything."

    Domino's expects to deliver up to 500 pizzas per store on Sunday, translating into a whopping 400,000 slices that will be consumed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

    North Texans Prep for Super Bowl

    [DFW] North Texans Prep for Super Bowl
    From new televisions to party food, North Texans are getting ready for the Super Bowl.
    (Published Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012)

    Grocery stores were packed on Saturday with families stocking up on supplies for Super Bowl parties. 

    "People try and compete with our party and they lose," joked shopper Virginia Meyers.  

    Meyers said, like most shoppers, she tries to stay on budget. But she's expecting up to 40 people and so far- she's just halfway done shopping and her cart is already full.  

    "Queso, chips, hot dogs... party food and stuff to fill up the boys. I don't' know if I'll stay on budget because my husband's not here. But yeah, we usually spend about $200," Meyers said.

    And what would the Super Bowl be without a new TV?

    "This week’s add is really competitive. So there’s a lot of hot price points, price reductions," said Best Buy employee Jimmy Nunez.

    "Some of our larger TVs, we have one of our mid-range 46 inch that’s $900 off this week. So some pretty dramatic price reductions."

    Nunez said the week leading up to the Super Bowl is one of the busiest for tel vision sales. The number one thing shoppers are after after is size. After that, clarity.

    "With the HD clarity you get with these things, you literally you can feel like you’re at the game without dropping the cash for the ticket for the game."