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North Texas Heat Prompts Emergency Calls



    North Texas first responders have been busy with heat-related calls this week. (Published Thursday, July 24, 2014)

    The National Weather Service canceled a heat advisory for North Texas on Thursday, but MedStar says it still responded to more than five heat-related emergency calls.

    NBC 5 used a new thermometer provided by MedStar to measure the surface temperature of the sidewalk. It registered at more than 130 degrees.

    "That's why I was going to go get my AC fixed," said North Texas resident Abilene Fernandez. "I heard that it was going to be really hot this week."

    Fernandez has been driving without an air conditioner in her car for two weeks. She was on her way to get it fixed when she says she was hit by another driver.

    "This car came and hit me on the side out of nowhere," Fernandez said.

    Fernandez and her two young kids pulled over to wait for police.

    "They're fine. They're just a little scared because we were in a wreck about three months ago," Fernandez said.

    A family member arrived and put the kids in their car to wait in the air conditioning, but Fernandez was left to stand in the heat.

    "My feet are burning," she said. "I thought it was going to help because I was wearing sandals, but it's just worse because it's burning my feet."

    Dustin Black, a supervisor with MedStar, says it's not just old and young people who can fall victim to the heat – it's everybody. Black says each person is different, and your physical condition, medications and even supplements can affect how vulnerable you are to rising temperatures.

    Since June 1, MedStar paramedics have responded to 116 heat-related calls.