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North Texas Cities Make Bad List

Dallas 12th, Forth Worth 14th on national drunk driving list



    North Texas Cities Make Bad List
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    An officer conducts a field sobriety test.

    OK, now that the University of Texascampus shooting piece is done, let’s see what the assignment gods have in store. Hope it’s something fun or offbeat this time.

    Ah, crap, drunk driving [sigh]. Fine.

    Texas should be proud. We placed five cities on a national ranking of 20 metropolitan areas. Then again, curb that pride. This list, compiled by, ranked the cities with the most drunk driving offenders.

    Dallas came in at No. 12, with Fort Worth not far behind at 14. Austin led all Texas cities at No. 9, while San Antonio grabbed the 11th spot and Houston sandwiched between Dallas and Fort Worth at lucky No. 13.

    Then again, who’d want a Houston sandwich?

    Anyway, seems like we’ve been here before, North Texas, and it seems like we’d learn one of these days. Go out, get a snootful, sure, but take a freakin’ cab home or designate a driver. At the very least, go to a bar less than a mile from home, and reduce the chances of something bad happening on the way back.

    Cops are everywhere, man. Clue up.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He doesn’t worry about this so much nowadays. He doesn’t go out near as often as back in the day.