North Texans Turning Cargo Containers Into Homes

A container home community coming to McKinney will provide affordable housing in an area seeing home prices soar.

(Published Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018)

Move over tiny homes, there is a new housing trend for 2018: Shipping containers.

From Fort Worth, to Dallas to McKinney, unwanted shipping containers are being converted into homes.

Domino's Pizza is tweaking its home delivery service for those times you're not at home.
After years of delivery right to your doorstep, Domino's drivers will now deliver to outdoor locations.
That includes beaches, parks, landmarks, and other outdoor locations across the country.
Domino's says its drivers will deliver to 150-thousand locations from the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, to the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign.
The locations are now active and show up in the company's app or website as "Domino's Hotspots."
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Previously, Domino's delivered to offbeat locations, but, the new service sets up designated drop off points.
The service was tested last fall in Miami before being rolled out nationwide.

(Published Monday, April 16, 2018)

Allen Mederos built two container homes in west Fort Worth a year and a half ago.

They’re made of four cargo containers, stacked two by two.

He rents them and uses them for work.

“There's a sustainable aspect that we thought was cool so you can use old containers that have no other use,” Mederos said.

Canadian lawmakers wore hockey jerseys on Monday to honor the victims and their families of that tragic bus crash in Canada that killed 16 people.
The bus was carrying the junior league Humboldt hockey team to a game when a tractor-trailer slammed into the bus.
Sixteen were killed and thirteen people were injured in the crash.
Today's remembrance was one of a number of events that honored the team and their families.
Earlier the lawmakers honored Rusty Staub, a major leaguer who played for the Montreal Expos and the New York Mets.

(Published Monday, April 16, 2018)

In north Fort Worth, a new colorful office complex is being built entirely from shipping containers.

In Dallas, there’s a luxury 3700 square foot luxury container home.

Coming soon in McKinney will be the first container home community in North Texas.

The North Collin County Habitat for Humanity is behind the project called Cotton Groves.

Storms in Pennsylvania caused heavy damage to a large apartment building, leaving dozens without a place to live.
Residents of Luther Wood Apartments in Scranton have been evacuated after wind ripped the roof off the building. 
It happened just before 6 a.m. Monday.
As of 11 a.m., Scranton fire officials say 90-people have been evacuated from the building, and another 35 may be forced to leave.
A shelter is being set up to help the residents of the senior apartment complex.
No word on any injuries.

(Published Monday, April 16, 2018)

It will consist of 35 town-homes made up of four containers each.

Each house includes three bedrooms, two baths, plus a balcony and garage.

They’re ideal in an area seeing housing prices stack up.

“There’s just no one building in that price range that people can afford so you know, we're able to come under $150,000 and make it affordable for the families,” Haiduk-Cox said.

Eight people were injured in an accident captured by video in Kumamoto, southwestern Japan. The 62-year-old driver and eight members of the Amakusa High School handball team aboard suffered light injuries and were taken to a hospital. A school employee said the driver was nodding off.

(Published Monday, March 26, 2018)

Cotton Groves will be located on Bumpas Street and Fitzhugh in east McKinney.

Developers expect to break ground in May.