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No Team Punishment For TCU QB

Coach says he will not discipline Junior QB Casey Pachall saying university already did



    No Team Punishment For TCU QB

    TCU Football coach Gary Patterson and quarterback Casey Pachall talked publicly for the first time since Friday's report that Pachall admitted to police he'd used illegal drugs. (Published Sunday, Aug. 5, 2012)

    Casey Pachall walked to the podium and spoke for one minute.  He had a prepared speech but no notes and he did not take questions.

    "I truly do apologize for what's been said and done on my behalf lately and in the past," Pachall began.

    WIthout getting specific on what he was apologizing for, Pachall continued.

    "I know I'm not perfect but I've learned from those mistakes and I'm still learning.  It's a day to day process for me trying to be a better person and role model and leader for this team, this community and this university."

    NBC 5 asked Coach Gary Patterson if he disciplined his QB for his failing a drug test and admitting to using marijuana and cocaine.  Patterson said, "No."  He said the university had Pachall go through a drug and alcohol awareness program and he said that was enough.

    Patterson got defensive when asked if he wishes he would have address the team's illegal drug issues before spring practice.  Patterson said he was on top of things kicking four players off the team for using drugs before they were arrested.

    "I was already ahead of the situation," said Patterson.  "I already knew all that before anybody was arrested so I already did what my part was.  I don't think we're behind on anything."

    "When I have younger football teams I have more knuckleheads," said Patterson. "This year I have 12 seniors, 11 juniors and 80 to 85 percent of my team is freshmen and sophomores.... I probably have more knuckeheads."

    Patterson said one of his jobs is to get his players to grow up.  If too many players get kicked off the team they will not do well in their first season in the more competitive Big 12 Conference.