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No New Leads in Hagerman Case: Police



    No New Leads in Hagerman Case: Police

    On Monday, a report of a new lead in the Amber Hagerman case has turned out to be false.

    The Arlington Police Department issued a statement Tuesday that said while the department continues to investigate tips regarding the girl's disapparance and murder, they are currently not working any new leads.

    The report, which did not air on NBC 5, inferred a connection between the Ennis investigation and a person who now lives in Arizona, but was believed to be in North Texas at the time of Hagerman's disappearance.  The report said Arlington police confirmed the tip, but the police say that's not true.

    "A news report that there is a new lead in the Amber Hagerman case was inaccurate," said Tiara Richard, with the Arlington Police Department. "There is no new witness working with Arlington investigators on this case."

    Additionally, officials said "Arlington homicide detectives are not working with Ennis Police on an investigation, or following any specific tip connected to a child pornography ring out of Ennis."

    Hagerman, whose abduction in1996 led to the nationwide Amber Alert system, was taken while riding her bicycle not far from her Arlington home. Her body was found four days later and her murder has never been solved.

    "Our biggest concern is that Amber Hagerman’s family has been led to believe that there is new information that could result in the resolution of this case, and that is not true," said Richard.