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Tougher Rules Coming for Garland Pit Bull Owners



    Good fences make good neighbors, and good pets. That's the city of Garland's thinking with a new requirement for pit bull owners.

    Starting Aug. 10, pit bull owners must have a sturdy fence that is at least six feet high when measured from the ground.

    The rules state the following:

    • The fence must be made of wooden planks at least a half inch thick or metal chain link with a minimum 11 gauge.
    • Gaps must be smaller than two inches.
    • Fencing must be secured to posts that are buried at least 18 inches

    Are Garland's Pit Bull Rules Doggie Discrimination?

    [DFW] Are Garland's Pit Bull Rules Doggie Discrimination?
    Beginning in August, pit bull owners must have a wooden fence at least 6 feet tall.
    (Published Monday, May 24, 2010)

    Dorothy White, the city spokeswoman for Garland, said the rule applies to pit bulls as well as dogs that are part pit bull.

    White said they are singling out the breed because of simple numbers.

    "Of the dogs that we ticket or pick up that are running loose, 27 percent of them are pit bulls. And that's 27 percent of the problem," White said. She also noted that pit bulls make up most of the dog bite cases in the city.

    Pit bull owners who couldn't go on camera told NBC DFW they don't like the idea of rules that are "breed specific."

    Pit bull owners that register their dog with the city before Aug. 1 won't have to get a six foot fence. White said registering the dog also makes it easier to return the lost animal to it's owner if found. But, people planning to get a pit bull after Aug. 1 will have to follow the new regulation.

    "Those fencing requirements go into effect and you must consider that a cost of owning the dog," White said.

    In the past, the City of Garland did not adopt out pit bulls. If an owner didn't come to claim the dog at the pound, it was eventually euthanized. But the city plans to start adopting out certain pit bulls.

    "A dog that is an appropriate dog for being adopted, no matter the breed, can be adopted out," White said.