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New Love Field Terminal Brings Noise Complaints



    Some Dallas Love Field neighbors say since the new terminal opened at the airport in April they've been subjected to more noise than usual. (Published Thursday, June 27, 2013)

    Since the April opening of a new terminal at Dallas Love Field, neighbors complain plane traffic has risen sharply on the Lemmon Avenue runway closest to the new gates.

    "We're carrying all the load of the traffic for the airport and that's what we're displeased about," Highland Park resident Judd Bradbury said. "We'd like to see a lot more balance and a lot more thoughtfulness from the airport management."

    Bradbury spoke at a Dallas City Council meeting last week and council members at the meeting said they have heard increasing noise complaints from many other people.

    Dallas Aviation Director Mark Duebner confirmed Southwest Airlines planes have been avoiding the Denton Drive runway that has traditionally been the busier of the two at Love Field.

    But Duebner said Southwest Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration decide what runway a flight will use and not the City of Dallas.

    "This is something we are aware of and we take very seriously and are working with the neighborhoods, in communication with Southwest Airlines and the FAA to make sure that our activity at Love Field affects the residents who live all the way around the airport as evenly as possible," Duebner said.

    Southwest Spokesman Brad Hawkins said planes currently face roadblocks reaching the Denton Drive runway because old tarmacs and taxiways are still being replaced as construction continues on the half finished new terminal.

    A mountain of busted concrete can be seen from the Denton Drive side of the airport on a former tarmac area.

    Hawkins said the airline has heard the neighbor complaints. "Southwest has made efforts to even the flights," he said.

    The airline and the City of Dallas plan to finish construction of the terminal before October 13, 2014 when long haul flight restrictions imposed by the federal government end at Love Field.

    Hawkins said work is ahead of schedule and smooth pathways to the Denton Drive runway will be finished much sooner.

    Duebner said all 20 gates of the completed new terminal will be about equal distance between both runways.

    "We would expect to see greater activity off of Denton than we are currently," he said.