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Neighbors Spot Coyotes in Garland Neighborhood

Oakridge residents say they have spotted high number of coyotes



    The residents near the Oakridge Country Club in North Garland say they're concerned after seeing coyotes roaming the area in unusually high numbers. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013)

    Residents of a North Garland neighborhood say too many coyotes have been roaming the Oakridge development in the past few months.

    Marty Paulini has been keeping a close eye since capturing pictures of coyotes roaming around in daylight a few weeks ago. The neighborhood country club keeper said there have been an unusually high number of coyotes.

    "I've seen as many as 12, and I don't want them here for safety reasons," he said.

    Dawn Petersen, who spotted one in her backyard the other day, said the animals are getting too close to home. She said she fears for her dog.

    "It's very scary," she said. "You have to be leery or aware, and my husband has made me carry pepper spray."

    Part of the Oakridge neighborhood sits along Duck Creek and a golf course that shut down a few years ago, giving the coyotes the perfect nesting and feeding ground.

    Garland Animal Control said it has received several reports from concerned residents but no one has been hurt.

    "It's something that we need to watch and manage appropriately," said Jason Chessher, Garland health director. "If we get reports of coyotes that don't show a fear of humans or stalk domestic animals, we will set snares to minimize the population. The fact of the matter is, coyotes will typically repopulate an area as fast as we remove them."

    So far, animal control officers have captured three coyotes and set traps for three more.

    The city hopes when the golf course reopens this year, people will keep the coyotes away -- at least in the daytime. In the meantime, animal control says residents should not to keep pet food outside and if residents spot a coyote to call them at 972-205-3570.