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Need A Job? Home Depot Is Hiring.

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    Need A Job? Home Depot Is Hiring.
    David McNew
    Home Depot is hiring 60,000 people nationwide and more than 1,200 in DFW.

    Home Depot today announced it’s hiring 60,000 people nationwide, and more than 1,200 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for spring.

    In a press release, the company said it’s hiring for what it calls “Spring Black Friday,” which happens in the spring and summer months.

    It’s the company’s busiest time of the year, thus Home Depot wants to offer its best deals on products customers will need for both seasons.

    Home Depot listed a variety of live goods and lawn care, outdoor power, eco-friendly gardening products, patio furniture and grills as products in that are in high demand.

    With patio season fast approaching, new hires are expected to help the company meet and exceed its retail demands.