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"Natural Born" Convicted Killer Executed



    "Natural Born" Convicted Killer Executed
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    The Texas death chamber in Huntsville.

    Joshua Maxwell was portrayed with his girlfriend as living out the violence-glorifying 1990s film "Natural Born Killers." Now he's has played the title character in a for-real version of the prison movie "Dead Man Walking."

    Maxwell, 31, was executed Thursday in Huntsville for the robbery and fatal shooting of an off-duty sheriff's deputy in San Antonio nearly 10 years ago.

    No late court appeals were filed for Maxwell. The U.S. Supreme Court last week refused to review Maxwell's case. Maxwell also was convicted of killing a man in Indiana.

    Evidence showed the slaying of 40-year-old Rudy Lopes, a sergeant with the Bexar County Sheriff's Department, was one of at least two killings during of a cross-country crime spree involving Maxwell and former stripper girlfriend Tessie McFarland.

    Maxwell was the fourth prisoner executed this year in Texas.

    Maxwell, his voice breaking and choking back tears, apologized repeatedly in the seconds before lethal drugs began flowing into his arms.

    "The person that did that 10 years ago isn't the same person you see today," he said. "I hurt a lot of people with decisions I made. I can't be more sorry than I am right now."

    He told relatives of his two victims, watching through a window a few feet from him, that he'd "put you through some things that I can't take back."

    But he said his execution was "creating more victims."

    "This is not gonna change anything," he said.

    Nine minutes later, at 6:27 p.m., he was pronounced dead.

    Maxwell was among at least 10 Texas death row inmates with execution dates in the coming months, including two more later this month.