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NBC 5 Responds After Woman's New Car Has Transmission Trouble



    NBC 5 Responds After Woman's New Car Has Trouble

    A Dallas woman says her new car started giving her problems after just one year and getting the manufacturer to help with repairs wasn't easy. (Published Monday, Aug. 13, 2018)

    A Dallas woman says her new car started giving her problems after just one year and getting the manufacturer to help with repairs wasn’t easy.

    Rose Ann Sanchez owned two Nissan Rogues.

    "I just love the brand you know and I love the Nissan Rogue. I really do," said Sanchez.

    Liking her car is important.

    Rose Ann is behind the wheel a lot, she drives for Uber and says after seven months her new Rogue started having problems.

    "It started doing all this coughing. Like it’s gonna stall on me."

    She says the dealer told her she just needed a few “adjustments” and sent her on again, but the problems remained. She says she went back a total of 13 times.

    "Every time I told them put in your notes that I think I’m having a transmission problem."

    One Sunday afternoon her suspicions were confirmed.

    "All of a sudden everything’s shaking you know it was crazy."

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    This time the dealer told her the transmission was dead, and yes it did need to be replaced but there was a problem, she had to pay for it now.

    She was just 800 miles out of warranty and now a new transmission would cost her $4,000.

    She called Nissan’s corporate offices. They offered to pay 80 percent of the repair leaving her on the hook for the rest.

    "I said 'no no no' and I kept telling them at the corporate 'I’m telling you right now I’m not paying one penny.'"

    She’s been going back and forth with them for three weeks over the repair.

    She was borrowing cars to drive Uber here and there trying to make ends meet.

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    "I’ve seen you on Facebook and I started reading what you’ve done you know and I was like oh my God maybe Mr. Carter could help me," said Sanchez.

    She called NBC 5 Responds and problem solved.

    Nissan said considering all the documented trips Rose Ann made to the dealership and the fact that she had been a longtime customer they would replace her transmission at no cost and give a seven year /100,000 mile warranty on it.

    The story doesn’t end there though. Rose Ann later found out the transmission wasn’t fully replaced, but repaired.

    It still didn’t cost her anything, just as promised, and seemed to be running well after she got it.

    She decided to trade in her Rogue. She bought another Nissan saying she was still pleased with how they eventually stepped up.

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    What really worked for Rose Ann was every single time she brought the car in she asked that it be documented in her file that she thought the transmission was broken.

    It made it easier for Nissan to see how much she had tried to fix this.

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