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NASA Postpones Final Ferry Flight of Endeavour



    NASA Postpones Final Ferry Flight of Endeavour
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    The space shuttle Endeavour, on top of a modified 747 jet that carried it cross-country from California, rolls down the runway after returning to Kennedy Space Center December 12, 2008 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Endeavour took a detour to California at mission's end on November 30 because of stormy weather at Kennedy Space Center, the primary landing site.

    Space shuttle Endeavour apparently doesn't want to leave home.

    NASA's youngest shuttle was supposed to depart Florida's Kennedy Space Center on Monday for its permanent museum home in Los Angeles. But stormy weather along the Gulf of Mexico nixed the travel plans.

    NASA aimed for a Tuesday bon voyage. But that ended up getting scrapped as well. Endeavour's departure is now set for Wednesday morning. It's bolted to the top of a modified jumbo jet.

    Endeavour was supposed to stop off in Houston, home to Mission Control, and fly low over NASA facilities en route. Now all that is in jeopardy. 

    Endeavour is expected to arrive in Los Angeles on Thursday for its eventual installation at the California Science Center. Endeavour is the second of NASA's three retired shuttles to head to a museum.

    Discovery landed at the Smithsonian Institution's display hangar in Virginia last spring. Atlantis will remain at Kennedy.

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