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Murder Trial of Slain Dallas Officer Resumes Monday



    The slain officer's widow and other loved ones scatter rose petals at the site of his death. (Published Thursday, Jan. 7, 2010)

    The murder trial of a man accused of killing a Dallas police officer in 2009 resumes Monday.

    Charles Payne, 29, is facing a capital murder charge in connection with the shooting death of Dallas police Sr. Cpl. Norm Smith who was shot and killed while serving a warrant.

    Jimmy Scarborough, Payne's cousin, and William Jobe were inside Payne's home the day Smith was killed and are expected back on the stand Monday after beginning their testimony last week.

    Both Scarborough and Jobe said they thought they were being robbed and that Payne began shooting through the door -- unaware it was the Dallas police on the other side attempting to serve a warrant to Jobe.

    Prosecutors said the testimony is a ruse to cover up the fact that Payne killed a police officer.

    Last week Smith's wife, Dallas police officer Lt. Regina Smith, took the stand for the prosecution and described the news of her husband's death as the most chaotic moment in her life.

    "I just had this sick feeling when I first called. He would pick up the phone immediately, every time, when he saw me [calling]. I had a strange, nasty feeling inside. It was something so unusual," said Smith.

    Memorial Video from Sr. Cpl. Norman Smith's Funeral

    [DFW] Memorial Video from Sr. Cpl. Norman Smith's Funeral
    A memorial video was played prior to Sr. Cpl. Norman Smith's funeral showing personal pictures.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 9, 2009)

    Smith has often recalled the love story of how she met her husband. 

    "He was everything to me," Smith said in an interview last January. "It'll take me years to stop hurting and missing him. I'd just love to hear his voice."

    The trail is expected to resume Monday with Jobe taking the stand.

    If convicted, Payne could receive the death penalty.  He has also been charged with two counts of attempted capital murder of a police officer and cocaine possession.